18 May 2012

Week 20

It's been a long time coming!
                                          Ah! Hello you lot :)
This month has been a very tough one for me. 
                           Prepare yourself for a very long post filled with many pictures!
       To start off, I went on a little holiday in the beginning of May and came back to a great pile of postcards and one letter on May 10th. Ever since I have been catching up with the studies and my coursepaper. Truth be told - I don't particularly enjoy university with its homeworks,attendance, rules, etc. I wish I could just do English and nothing else for the rest of my life on my own with a diploma in my hands as well HA!
 No, I am not complaining but seriously, the system of Russian education is nowhere near perfect. It has a lot of drawbacks. I am sure I will somehow manage to do two more years and leave this place for good.
I am happy I have nice people around me - if not them I would have left university and got a job.
       Well, in other news, 
I have got myself an iPhone 4s!! Awww wow and wow, I love it as much as I love mail! hahaha maybe even more?!
While chilling with my mum and my best friend in Serov (my hometown) I bought these beauties - navy blue moccasins - check them out: 
 I also got two t-shirts and two skirts. While wandering around shops I found this funny tee. My love to Pepperoni Pizza is beyond real :D
 My friend and I went out almost every day and I genuinely loved every second of it!
 Here is my posh cat giving her most(not really haha) attractive look. Yeah babe x
 This is the view from my mum's little flat :)
 My other cat - Marussia. She is very russian indeed and lives with my grands as of now.
 I am a child at heart - I am still in love with Kinder Surprise <3
 On the 9th of May, my friend, my friend's friend and I went out for a coffee :)
You might have figured out by now my massive addiction to the gem that is INSTAGRAM!
 I do love eating apples too. My favourites are Fuji apples. Unfortunately, they didn't have them in our local supermarket :(
 Ah! I have recently made friends with the babe that is Ashley from the city of San Fran and I decided to share some of the mail happiness with her. Hopefully, it reaches her soon. 
 I love doing online sessions. I am an active blogtv member and this is a lil shot from my latest LIVE show.
 Yesterday I attended a meeting that held place at our administrative department and everything is so fancy there!

I have had this new bag for my incoming mail. It's small and rather handy :)

 It is time I showed you what i have gotten in my mail box in these several weeks.
A note,a coin and a postcard from Taiwan via Postcrossing

 A letter, a sticker and a postcard from Anita via Postcrossing Forum.
 I was also lucky to get this amazing envelope filled with two very funny quirky cards,two cute stickers and a note from Anna via sendsomething.
 The amazing Kathleen from sendsomething sent me a napkin,a card and a nice letter in this fab envelope. I wonder where she's got it from.
 My brill Arizonian(?) pen pal Misha sent me a lovely letter and her own story called 'Flowers for Grandpa'. She is very talented,indeed!
 Steffi,my new pan pal from Germany, sent me this amazing letter and a napkin along with some stickers quite a while ago. I do apologies for not posting it earlier! 
 My long term pen pal from Tennessee, Charles sent me a postcard showing the city of El Paso and a nice letter as usual :)
 The brill pen pal of mine from Canada that is Kilmery, sent me a page from their local newspaper and I absolutely loved it! It smells different from ours and I was looking it over for 30 minutes hahaha It is very interesting :) Many thanks, pal!
 I received an envelope from my best friend Polly! She sent me a napkin,stickers,three sheets of paper and a teabag along with a nice letter via her new project. Check it out on sendsomething :) She is amazing x
 This mysterious postcard and some stamps came here all the way from the Netherlands from a stranger and I still have not figured out who that person is but I will be sending a reply soon.

 The box I got from my friends for Christmas is getting full isn't it?
I know I don't post much on here but I get more mail than I post. Usually they are single postcard which is not very exciting as letters and packages but as one knows a postcard may bring more delight than any massive package if it is done neatly with love :)

Here are some postcards I have received for the last weeks.

I love this black and white postcard from the Netherlands.The pictures was in a 1960 issue of Vogue!

I only had  time to make these envelopes and I am likely to send them out precisely next week!

Earlier this week I have finally caught up with my Postcrossing postcards and as a result I have sent 20 postcards in a row! :O 

And lastly, here is my mail box #30! Apparently, the happiest mail box in the neighbourhood! hahahaha

 Ah, dear. I hope this post has not been very boring and I hope you enjoyed reading it too! 
woop woop for all mail lovers for being so devoted to the art of mail! xx
Annie B. x X xxxx







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