30 May 2012

Week 21

Hello lovely you!
I am late with the week report.. AGAIN! Oh, well. I have been such a loafer these days.
It feels like summer has not only come to Tyumen but also to my head. I have so much planned for the next three months that I hardly believe I will stick to my plan.. I never do! haha
My friend is coming to visit me this or next week and She is likely to stay here till the end of June and She and I will go back home together! Isn't that exciting? :)
As usual, the previous week wasn't lucky for mail. I've only been getting postcards from Postcrossing these weeks..
It's sad but what can I do?! 
At busy times, I cannot afford to write to all the people who send me stuff but at times like now, I just mail postcards which is gradually becoming boring. It takes me so much time to write a postcard, but the ones I've been getting ( most of them) say just simple 'Greetings from blah blah' or sender's name, age,place of living.
It is not what the postcard is about, is it? I think it is about sharing something special, a message from afar..

Anyways, the weather in Tyumen is well lush but too hot and stifling for the winter lover that is me.

Isn't this HOT?!
This picture is a good stereotype breaker. It clearly shows you that it's not always cold in Siberia :D

Actually, I've received next 6 postcards and one letter today. All came here via Postcrossing and the letter is from my pen pal Kilmery. The cards are from China, Canada, The Netherlands; Malaysia, Austria and Taiwan. 

 Kilmery sent me a penny as an artifact as they are no longer being released in Canada.

I received this last week. They are also from Postcrossing fellows from Ukraine, the USA, Finland, the UK, Poland and Belarus.

 It was so nice to hear from my long term pan pal Alyssa. She is genuinely amazing!

As you see, I don't get much mail and It is quite cheerless. Hopefully, next week will bring some happiness to my mail box!

Postcards to Postcrossing fellows from Belarus x 2, Estonia, The Netherlands x 2, China, Finland x 2, Poland and Lithuania.

Also, three letters to Caddi, Kathleen from Sendsomething, Ria M. and Gregory from Postcrossing who wished to get something else apart from a postcard too.

Two weeks ago I was on random search on sendsomething.net and came across one amazing gal from Serbia! We are music soul mates! haha On that juncture, I've recorded her a CD of Indie songs. I hope she will like it!

I was musing on the balcony the other day and took these pics.

I have been writing some replies today and I guess I will write a few more and go to bed then.
I hope you lot are having a fun weekend and the weather is pleasant.
Here is the question of the week to you:
Do you keep things that people send you in their envelopes or you have a special box where all the received goodies are being carefully kept?

Annie B. xx


  1. Weeeeeee!!!! I see a letter for me, I see a letter for me, I see a letter for me! Yay, I'm happy :) (Did you see that I'm having a giveaway over at my blog? You could hop in and maybe receive something else than just boring postcrossing cards... actually the "empty" cards are also the reason why I'm not sending many cards via postcrossing anymore....)
    Here's hoping that you'll have better mail days the next week!
    Oh and I keep everything in the envelopes they were sent in... I don't want to mix things up and I like to look at the items again when reading the letter again.
    Take care!

  2. Really nice incoming and nice outgoing mail big time.







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