22 Apr 2012

Week 16

Hello beauties!It's been rather a tough week for me. Luckily, the coursepaper I have been working on for the past 2 months is finished as of now and our studies supervisor is mugging us off with the day of the defense. It was supposed to be today but she called me two hours before the settled time and cancelled it! We were all rage! :DIn other news, it was a good week in terms of post. I received 12 postcards and one letter from my Canadian pen pal, Kilmery. She sent me a letter and bits of the national Canadian newspaper. I didn't have the time to read it yet but I will tomorrow. I presume it is rather interesting.The postcards came here from very many different places:  
Hong Kong, the USA from Sarala via Sendsomething, Germany, one more from the states and Ecuador! The postcard ID is 989! How cool that is,huh? :D
Earlier this week I'd also received postcards from Hungary, Switzerland, Romania and Vermont(usa) from Gary as a thank you postcard via Postcrossing.

The postcard with a cat on it came here from Taiwan, the one with the marshmallows is from the Netherlands and the last one is from there as well and shows Friesland flag!

Thank you very much for sending me postcards and letters, they make me rather happy and inspire like anything else :)
Well, as I've been behind my correspondence for a while now, there've been a lot to reply to and I did a lot of writing and creating stuff. 

Today I've been feeling creative and my creativity mode has definitely been turned on! :D
I sat trying to make a vintage envelope but ended up making 12 of them! Look at these beauties! Aren't they lush? hahaha

The back part is not usual as well. I love this line in the middle :) It looks like a little ribbon tied up around the envelope :) Ahh

I had a lovely day out with the girls today. We went to dinner at a local cozy cafe and then went to the park, been at the top of the Ferris Wheel! The view was fantastic! Also, me and Dilya went to a ride called 'Pirate' 
It was rather scary to go to but I so much enjoyed it. You sit in a boat which starts to go back and forth, higher and higher and the highest it swings is semicircle! I presume I had very much adrenalin thrown into my blood :D hahaha
Anyways, this post has gotten too long, hasn't it? The last thing for today, on my way home I dropped in a shop to buy something to tea and got these chocolate sticks with almond. They are all gone by now :(

I hope you've had a lovely week. Remain positive and write comments and stuff.
Annie xx

P.S. I have a little writing blog. I do not do anything major. Just post some poetry of mine.
Have a look if you have the time and tell me what you think :) xx

Song of the week: Daughter - Landfill 


  1. Hi, this is Sarala from sendsomething. Your blog is very cheery. Thanks for your postcard. I'll get something back to you soon.

  2. Lovely mail! :)








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