7 Feb 2013


           Hey there, popsicles!
I am currently sat in my Mum's flat and feeling like creating something really nice and peachy!
I have this little project going on the sendsomething.net website which seems to be rather encouraging and reassuring.
           The main target of the project is to send a piece of mail to the selected amount of people which, as of now, counts 90 creative individuals, all are participants of sendsomething.net!
           I have decided to choose first 5 peeps via random.org and those are:
  1. Sara B.
  2. Remi
  3. TARAdactyl
  4. Anna Raikova
  5. Laura Eilers   
I do not notify those whom I send something to. I am all up for postal surprises in the mailbox!

    Here are the envies I'll be sending out on Saturday. There's also a postcard for Laura and an envelope for Sara B., however, I didn't take pictures as they are lying on my desk in Tyumen..
When will they invent teleportation?? It's 21st century for Goodness Sake!
I am also uploading some of my past outgoings to Laura Ly, Sophia, Kilmery, Charles, Aly and Anna who sent me an AMAZING package, that I'll tell you all about in the next post!

Two postcrossing postcards are going to Israel and Ireland, the other two will head straight to The Netherladnds and Belarus.

I have bought yet some MORE stationary while in Serov: pens, valentines, stickers, envelopes. Sharing some of the things I bought during the winter time as well.

Oh, boy, I adore nice napkins; my collection has grown sooo big!

I got inspired by the card that I stumbled upon on Rosie's blog  and wrote this in my notebook. Took me about half an hour and hell of effort..

Two cards from Hallmark:

Seasonal paper:

The sheets in this notebook are ace! I use them to write letters/notes on. 

I've been reading these two, plus "Dash and Lily's Book of Dares". Check out the library on my iPad, too!

I am going back to Tyumen on Friday. I am eager to find what I've gotten over the week. Not getting any mail at all makes me feel down and blue..

I hope you are having a fab week!
Stay tuned,

5 Feb 2013


Hey, pumpkins!
Great news! I have officially launched my very own website, hence the name up there - www.annablogs.com yay!
I am going to change the template and the layout a bit when I am back in Tyumen.
For now, as promised to my fellow Russian snail mailers, who has recently featured me in a vk.com group, here goes my stash of the stuff I use for creating my mail pieces and bits. Hopefully, you will be getting a close up real soon! :D
I store everything in boxes ( paper, envelopes, tapes, letters, postcards)
It does help me a lot to remain as organised. However, when I switch on to my creativity mode, the boxes are hanging around my desk, couch, chair and floor! hah Isn't it handy?!

Look who is casually sitting on the top of the mail pyramid! 

Pen Alert!

The Incoming mail is stored over here!

These are some of the New Year/Christmas greeting cards I've given to my folks and friends.

I got these note cards in Accessorize and I love them to pieces.

 My overly excessive collection of stamps: worth of 2000 rubles.

That'd be all for now but I am likely to upload some more pictures of the outgoing mail shortly.
Thanks for taking your time to read this!
Have a delightful day,
Annie B x






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